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Summer Splash as the time to reconnect with Older ones

By Grandbox, Specials Ocassions

2 years ago

Summer Splash as the time to reconnect with Older ones- Featured Shot

The Summer Splash as a time to reconnect with your loved seniors

The suntan lotion is flowing and the scent of coconut and pineapple fills the air. Ahhh the scents of summer. There is also the smell of fresh cut grass and blooming lilacs. So many wonderful memories develop during the warm summer months. Traditionally, families take vacations and spend time together during the summer. It is a great time to reconnect.

How about reconnecting with our older family members? How many of us will sit around a campfire and listen to stories of days gone by? You might warm up a marshmellow and enjoy a smore as well. What do you do if you are unable to see a family member? How do you let people who are not in attendance know that you are thinking of them?

Grand Box can help. Every month a care package is put together with a fun theme coupled with high quality unique personal products and gourmet foods. We ask subscribers to email in pictures and a personal letter which compliments the box perfectly. We deliver hundreds of smiles EVERY month. Let us know if we can help you!

Have a Grand Summer!

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