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Ideas on What Brings Smiles of Dripping Springs

By Grandbox, Specials Ocassions

a year ago

Ideas on What Brings Smiles of Dripping Springs- Featured Shot

5 Ideas on Things that You will Do to Bring Spring Smiles

  1. Pay someone a compliment. Make sure it is sincere and make eye contact during delivery. It makes a BIG difference.
  2. Contact someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. Send them a card or an old photo to stir up positive memories. Let them know you are thinking about them!
  3. Share a meal, a snack or treat. Include the recipe if it is homemade and BIG bonus points if you do make it. It will warm the heart and the smile!
  4. The very next conversation you have make sure you listen completely. Put the phone down, stop reading email, look the other person in the eye and REALLY listen. You will both probably end up smiling! This skill is one that needs constant practice.
  5. Send a “Grand” person a GrandBox= It is a curated box of goodies that will delight and bring smiles for days. It is a great way to let them know you are thinking of them!

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