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Ideas of how to start an annual Holiday Tradition

By Grandbox, Specials Ocassions

a year ago

Ideas of how to start an annual Holiday Tradition- Featured Shot

Nine Worthy Ideas of what to start a Holiday Tradition With

Have you ever thought about starting a holiday tradition? Establish something that you could look forward to or remember fondly every year? Here are 9 ideas that might help you establish a tradition:

  • Make Treats for your Neighbors
  • Make an Annual Ornament with the Year on it. You will end up with a collection in no time!
  • Tell Holiday Stories
  • Adopt a Family through a local non-profit
  • Put out snacks for Santa
  • Make a Special Breakfast
  • Tour the lights. Make a night of it complete with Hot Cocoa and Chocolate chip cookies.
  • Send out greeting cards to neighbors
  • Visit a nursing home to spread a little extra cheer.

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