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How to Show Love to the Elderly ones

By Grandbox, Health and Love

8 months ago

How to Show Love to the Elderly ones- Featured Shot

Five ways to show love for elderly seniors and appreciate them

In these challenging times, a part of the population has been somewhat relegated. It is a group of older people. Some of them are part of an assisted living community or stays in senior centers like nursing homes. All of them have something in common, they have been seen that the tendency to depression has increased in people at that stage, due to quarantine.

In general, we all have and know people in that age range, parents, uncles, grandparents, neighbors, in short, they are around us, and the question we must ask ourselves is how to make them feel better at this moment?

Since we must avoid any possible contagion with this virus, let us do what is within our reach to make them feel good by staying at home. It is that it is not the same to be alive than to feel alive, in this personal satisfaction for what you do or can do, it counts a lot to explore loved by the family, the friends since during these days of confinement, many begin to feel sad.

However, we can do a few things to make our older adults feel comfortable these days, and somehow improve their quality of life, so that those who confront health problems do not feel so alone.

If you wonder how you can improve our older loved’s quality of life, we have some suggestions

1- Help your Grandma and grandpa fight their hard feelings. At this time, our older adults may feel more depressed because quarantine may prevent them from carrying out many of their daily activities. However, it is good to find a way to help them at this time.

2- We must help our older adults to stay active as they feel useful and with a sense of purpose, allowing them to carry out some tare in the house, such as folding clothes, preparing some food, taking care of plants, organizing drawers, and cabinets.

3- Encouraging regular physical activity in our elderly is an excellent help for aging seniors’ health. It improves the quality of sleep, stimulates the immune system, relieves anxiety, and thus, many more benefits.

4- We should try as much as possible to keep them mentally active, alert. Activities such as reading, writing, painting, doing crossword puzzles and Sudoku’s, problems, and playing a musical instrument are recommended.

These activities will help our family members and senior living home care maintain a sharp and active mind that will improve and maintain their general well-being.

5- Bring them some social interactions with family, friends, and the community, through phone calls, video calls, or even sending them photos and letters. Prevent the social isolation suffered by our elderly loved ones, they have a greater risk.

Even in adults with limited mobility, we should always try to comply with the recommendations above, since in fact, having a positive outlook on life can help older people feel more energy, less stress, better appetite, and in some way, helps prevent cognitive decline.

Older adults like to feel that they are an active part of the family group, feel loved, remembered, and respected, for them, a small detail has great sentimental value.

In these days of confinement, a detail received is a reminder to them that they are still loved at this stage of life.

Sharing with them a cake, some cookies, commenting on a book, a movie, involve them in our time, it is essential for them to feel that they are not alone. A call to find out how they are in health, if you go to the supermarket, ask them if they need something you can bring them and thus avoid a way out for them.

If you have an older adult at home, do your best to make them feel that you still need their help and that it is not a burden, and relatives, friends, neighbors, and adults, at this time, they will always thank you for that gesture, that detail of kindness and affection that you show them.

Quality of life is essential for health and well-being at any stage of life, but, especially at this time, we must take our elders very much into account.

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