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How one can be Inspired by a Grandma

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a year ago

How one can be Inspired by a Grandma- Featured Shot

A Personal statement of how I got inspired by Grandmother

How many times do you think of a loved one who lives miles & miles away? I had a grandmother who lived hundreds of miles away and I missed her very much. I have wonderful memories of the smells that would come from her kitchen. She made the best pies and cobbler. I watched her take meringue to a whole new level when I was young. She would ask me what kind of pie I wanted and no matter what I said, she would make it. I loved her chocolate cream pie. Homemade pie crust filled with delicious and decadent chocolate covered with whipped cream and chocolate shavings. I get hungry just thinking about it. The sides of her pie crust were crimped just perfectly with a fork. I loved my grandmothers cooking. There were so many things I loved about her.

I also carried the distinction of being the only grandchild she ever spanked…..she only had 10 grandchildren but I was number 1 in this category. It’s a long story but I can say for certain that it hurt her more than it did me. I was a spirited child :).

There were so many times that I wanted to reach out to my grandmother beyond a call or card even though we did not live close to one another…….I could only wish for something like Grand Box. Grand Box would have been a wonderful gift for me to share with my Grandma. She is gone now however she is part of my inspiration for wanting to do grow Grand Box.

Do you have a favorite story about a loved one? Is there someone out there whom you would like to send a smile? Grand Box is your answer. We put together a monthly box of curated snacks for all of the “Grand” people in our lives. You can also include 5 personal photos and a personal note. Check it out: https://grandbox.com


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