Basic Tips of How to Drive During a Snow

a year ago - 1 min read

5 Safety Tips on How to Drive in a Snowy Road or Way

  1. Stay home. Only go out if necessary. Whether it’s work or play, you can usually find a way to be productive from home.
  2. Drive slowly. If you are venturing out, pack your patience and go slow. Sometimes progress comes in slow consistent steps. Also make sure you have the essentials you need in case you get diverted or stuck.
  3. Accelerate and decelerate slowly. Ease in to the flow. Whether you are getting started or changing your path entirely, do your research and move with ease. Sometimes we need to slow down the flow of change and action to get where we want to go.
  4. Know your brakes. If you are making a change, know what your deal breakers are and be prepared to stop. Knowing your “brakes” will help you through the decision making process.
  5. Don’t stop when going up a hill. When you are facing challenges, don’t stop. You may need to navigate in a different direction but don’t stop. Perseverance is often the sweet spot of success. It may take days, months or years to realize you have made it but the moment will be sweet!