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A unique and personalized way to send a monthly care package to your loved parents and grandparents.

Your grandparents monthly care package starting at $30us/month

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* Monthly Care package is included with your Grandbox membership

What's inside the box?

Each month, your elder's loved one will receive a unique and personalized care package with healthy, fun, and practical stuff.

  • A personal letter from you
  • Five pictures from you
  • A hand-curated delicious treat
  • A healthy and fresh snack
  • A new personal care item
  • An exciting activity item

Curated specially for seniors

GrandBox care package is curated specially for seniors, older adults, and grandparents.

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A unique box every month

Our crew works hard to load your care package with all the meaning and love like you would do.

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Grandbox is a subscription service for the most loved parents and grandparents.
As a primary benefit of your membership it is included the monthly care package.

Your membership also includes access to huge discounts on care products (basics), upgrades to gift boxes (gift boxes) for special occasions
such as Mother day, fathers day, birthday and Christmas and many more upcoming benefits for the same monthly price.


Select plan length and get all the benefits, including the monthly care package, access to basics store, and gift box upgrades.

2 Personalize

Upload your pictures and write a letter to them. we will make sure to include it in their monthly care package and gift boxes

3 Send A smile

Toward the middle of each month, we will ship your first care package to your elderly loved ones.

Grandbox subscription box reviews

grand father subscription
Great Variety of Products to Sample!!

Jun 15, 2020

Darci Zaunmillerx

Subscribed for 6 months

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4.9)

This is my grandpa opening up his GrandBox, look at that smile! Makes my heart so happy. Thank you GrandBox for putting together a wonderful monthly box that I can send to my grandparents in Albuquerque! They tell me all the time how they love receiving these boxes with pictures, treats and a letter from our family.


Verified Purchase

Great Variety of Products to Sample!!

Jun 15, 2020


Subscribed for 6 months

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4.9)

"My grandma just wrote me and underlined "I really, really look forward to these boxes". I will be happily renewing my subscription! Thank you so much for making my grandma smile.


Verified Purchase

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GrandBox?

What is inside each GrandBox?

How does GrandBox work?

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How much GrandBox cost?

When will the boxes arrive at my grandparents?

Can you make a special box for my loved elders?

When will I be charged again?

How can I customize my GrandBox?

  • 1: Login to your GrandBox account
  • 2: Go to my Boxes
  • 3: Choose the month box you want to customize
  • 4: Upload and crop your photos and
  • 5: Write or paste your personal letter

And that's all, your present box is customized and ready to be shipped to your grandparent.