How technology will be the bridge between you and your loved ones this Holidays

a month ago - 1 min read

Christmas won’t be the same this year. Typical holiday dinners and family gatherings need to be avoided in the wake of the pandemic so we can protect our loved ones from the disease.

But you might be wondering, how can I enjoy this Christmas without being next to my family? Well, it’s not a question about if you can, but about how.

Technology makes it possible to interact with others, even when they are far away. Video calls and instant messaging apps have become that digital bridge between you and your loved ones. It might not be the same experience as gathering in person, but hey, we didn’t have these mediums some years ago, so it might also be time to take advantage of them. Of course, we must also bear in mind that technology is not a magic solution and can present a barrier for some, especially for those who come from another generation before computers and smartphones, such as the elderly.

How can we be more inclusive considering these barriers? Some solutions might involve a screen, some internal software that makes things like video calls and messaging easy (Zoom, Skype, Hangouts or Whatsapp are the most simple solutions), and a way to set up and manage the "system" from a distance (TeamViewer is a good example for this). This way, we can prevent the older adult from doing anything complex for them.

Technology can be challenging for some, but it doesn’t mean it’s not for everyone. If there is anything positive we can take away from this current situation, it has been the massive technological adoption that has brought. Everyone, including those who did not previously interact through digital channels, now are doing it in the most natural and usual way than before. Let distance not be an excuse to be with your loved ones!