What's Inside in Our Care Package?

We certainly work to go beyond the imagination of how you would have done it. Our care package curtails loads of love that send fervent smiles and joy to your older parents, grandparents and senior loved ones.

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Personal Note From You

Drop a heartfelt letter or message that show concerns for them. Your old ones would love hearing from you.

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Five Pictures From You

Upload pictures that depicts your memories with them and we attach it only for your old parents’ happiness.

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Hand-Curated Delicious Treats

Well-prepared delicacies that leave your old parents with undeniable joy streaming as it is in childhood times.

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Healthy And Fresh Snacks

Choose a diabetic diet, gluten-free, kosher, lactose-free, or low-sodium diet to maintain general well-being.

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New Personal Care Items

Basic but essential products of value and enticing materials like toiletries, socks etc. for your seniors’ hygiene.

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Brain Games

Unique items for exciting activities to amuse and keep your old parents brain sharp and mentally-focused.

As an Entitlement – your elderly loved ones will monthly receive unique and personal care package of healthy, fun and practical stuffs.

GrandBox Care Package is curated specially for seniors, older adults and grandparents.

Why wait when you can show care to your lovely old ones

starting at $30us / month

upgrade box

Upgrade one of your Care Package to a Gift Box

We simply create Gift boxes for special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas etc. and is more personalized to have lots of extras. Delivery is done to meet the actual occasion date and with a matching theme to rhyme or reflect what that day represent. Being a member (on subscription plan) requires just an upgrade of your monthly care package to a gift box or even as a non-member, you can as well send this gifts to your loved seniors.

Take this opportunity to send this best gift ideas on any of its occasions to your grandparents, older parents and old ones
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Sample Gift Boxes