What’s A Gift Box

what's a gift box

A Gift box is the Best gift idea for older parents and grandparents!

Even though special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, mothers’ or fathers’ day aren’t just the only time you should wait on to remember your old ones.

We solely deliver our care packages every month but still on special occasions you can choose to upgrade this package to a Gift box as a subscribed member or purchase directly at different price tags respectively.

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Care Package Vs Gift Box

Our care package and Gift box is installed with special unique items and gifts for parents that have everything, grandparents, older parents, adult ones in either once in a month or over the year(monthly) as thus:

Remember Your Existing Older Ones Monthly or On Special Occasions

Care Package

care package box
  • Monthly box delivery
  • starting at $30us / month
  • Upgrade to a gift box for only $9.99 (optional)
  • Delivery happens 2-5 day previous before the special occasion

Gift Box

gift box
  • One time-off month delivery
  • $59.99 for one occasion or only $9.99 for care package members
  • Occasion themed & personalized
  • Delivery is on 24th for any month

Why Choose Our Grand Box?

Because our gift boxes are customized with heartfelt love for older people which makes them better than a regular gift. This goes in line with our focus, as say;

“We Don’t Just Simply Sell Rather We Deliver Emotions!”

Our giftboxes are unique and specially created for your old ones or seniors inclusively those that have everything or are likely very complicated to gift. So, there might not be a need to choose random or regular gifts when we can customize for you to make them better?

What if you need a one-time gift for your parents or grandparents?

We take great pride in what we do, so even if you don’t want us sending smiles every month to your parent or grandparents, we can gift them on occasions based on your choices.

You can order one-time gifts now!

upgrade care package (members)

One-time Gift Vs for Members Upgrades

upgrade your box

Basically, as a member you are charged $9.99 to upgrade a month grand box for any special occasion but not being one requires its full price of $59.99 for the gift box takeaway.