Our hand-curated boxes

All our boxes are worth over $44 in retail stores, and every month we renew our manifesto with only GrandStuff!

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How it works

Put a grand smile on the faces of the people in your life!


Select a gift package plan and get the perfect gift ideas for older parents and grandparents. Cancel any time.

2 Personalize

Upload your pictures and write a letter to them. We will make sure to pack only Grand stuff.

3 Send A smile

Toward the middle of each month, we will ship a Grandbox worth over $44 to your elderly loved ones.

Upload your photos and customize it

With these simple five steps you could personalize the box each month and send unique gifts to your grandparents.

What's inside the box?

GrandBox care package is curated specially for seniors, older adults, and grandparents. It includes five full-sized items (no samples) along with your family photos and a personalized note.