Kosher Box

Due to the strict dietary rules of kosher in reverence and adherence to religious tradition, the items and stuff therein are specially curated package with compliance on the diet choice for any grandparent, older parent, or old ones. Notwithstanding, the box is a discovery into a new and exciting world of Kosher as it has an inclusion of healthy, the latest and best kosher snacks that are pure, proper or suitable for consumption.

Kosher gift idea on holiday

Sachet Scent

A 20g that has different fragrance from the scent of tea infused with lemon, bergamot, rose and magnolia etc. It freshens up any household area and leaves it smelling delightful - as to be used in the drawer, vacuum cleaner bag, over a clothes hanger or storage chest.

Ideal gifts for Jewish Grandpa

A Self-help Book

As the feeling of catching up, rushing around, and all undone things in life to-do-lists leave one feeling drained and disconnected. This simple book presents one on how to indulge in simple things that will re-energize and cause reconnection plus relaxation.

Healthy kosher snacks

Plant based Snacks

A delicious certified kosher treat that is gluten-free, which makes a great combo on the combination of real brussels sprout powder with a perfect balance of garlic and onion. Suitable for a tasty snack that contains only 1g of sugar with simple organic and non-GMO ingredients, zero trans fats and unique flavor which make taste buds smile. Also, additional serving as an addicting crunchy good treat that is healthy and a whole lot of fun.

Kosher goodies gift

Organic Brown Rice

Making kosher snacks with this simple ingredient ensures enjoying an appropriate nutritional value for a satisfying crunchy and sweet treat. The product is noteworthy in being gluten-free, USDA Organic, Non-GMO, vegan, free from the Big 8 Allergens and animal products.

Our Kosher Box Benefits

Based on the dietary choice

  • Quality standards for food preparation
  • Establish self-control in healthy food consumption
  • Prevents accidental mixture of allergy or gluten items
  • Reduction of the cholesterol levels

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