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Now you can let your elderly parents or loved ones know you are thinking of them every month with a Grandbox subscription. With this thoughtful gesture of love sent right to your loved one’s door, you will be letting them know how special they are all throughout the year.

Who are these fun monthly subscription boxes for? You can send these boxes to grandma, grandpa, elderly parents, older adults you are close to, men and women over 70, and loved ones who are in the nursing home. These monthly subscription gifts are a beautiful way to say “I love you and I’m thinking about you.” It also brightens up someone’s day.

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Contents of the Monthly Box for Seniors

Imagine the sparkle and joy in your loved one’s eyes when they open their monthly subscription box. These boxes change every month, so there is an exciting surprise every time they get the subscription box in the mail. The first month, the contents will be as pictured below:

A Different Box Every Month

Your elderly loved ones will get a lovely surprise with a different monthly subscription box each month. The contents will be brand new every time!

Unique and Personalized

We are constantly sourcing for items that will delight and surprise your recipients. Our unique package presentation as a team together with your personalized photos and letters, is a guarantee of putting smiles on your loved one's face.

Previous Boxes

Take a sneak peek at what other monthly boxes contained. Remember, every month your loved one will get a different variety of items within the boxes.

Are You New Here?

Discover the best monthly subscription boxes for older adults. With a wide variety of boxes and changing items regularly, your loved one will be cheered up the whole year!

Welcome Box
  • • Your first box when you subscribed
  • • Arrive in 5 days
  • • Personalize your Box with pictures and a letter
Month Box
  • • Arrives the 15th of the month:
  • • Healthy Snacks
  • • 4 photos and a letter from you

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