Why is GrandBox the perfect present for your elders in Christmas

a month ago - 2 min read

Since this year was so particular and you probably couldn’t spend any time with them, in addition to the fact that these holidays could be the first time you don’t spend them next to your family, maybe you should consider giving them something special.

But isn’t that complicated? What could you give them to show them that you care?

You want to show them that you have been thinking about them and that you can’t wait for all this to be over and hug them as long as you can. Maybe we can’t offer you all the solutions for this, but we can offer to give them something different, like an experience.

How? Imagine if you were at a care home, you wake up like any other day, not hoping for anything special, and suddenly, someone approaches you to tell you that you’ve received a gift. The gift comes in a beautiful box that says “Smile! someone cares for you”. You open it, and the first thing you see is a letter that says: “Mom, you can’t imagine how much I’ve missed you this year, and how I’m still missing you every second. Christmas won’t be the same without you this year, but we’ll make it up next year. For now, I’m grateful that you’re safe and that the possibility to hug you is waiting for me as soon as it’s possible. Here’s my way of saying I love you, I’m always thinking about you.”

Then, you keep searching inside the box. You find five beautiful pictures of your grandchildren. They are bigger than you remembered before. Your heart fills up with excitement and, as you keep looking for the other presents, like a box of that tea you’ve always wanted to try, and a book full of beautiful poems, you receive a call. It’s your daughter’s voice.

You talk about the letter and the presents, and how that gift was so beautifully unexpected. You both laugh as you read some of the poems in the book you received, and you tell it not to be sad because you feel lucky for having such a wonderful daughter. That’s the way love feels when it’s real. And that’s our mission for this holiday. To make you feel closer than ever before.

Because it’s not the gift that matters, but the feeling that comes with it.