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I am frequently asked why I decided to get into the subscription box business and furthermore, why Grandbox? The answer is heartfelt and a bit colorful. You see years ago I volunteered to help with BINGO at a local nursing home. I loved my time helping the residents play. Thursday nights were BINGO night. This quickly became my favorite night of the week and one I protected from all other distractions.

I also watched the residents get very excited over prizes like strings of beads, candy bars and Little Debbie cakes. They loved these prizes… I also saw how lonely most of these residents were. (I could write an entire book on this topic, but I want to keep this positive.) I thought, “wouldn’t it be nice if they got care packages or something in the mail with goodies to remind them how special they are?” That was 4 years ago…fast-forward to last March. A good friend of mine approached me and asked me when I was finally going to put together the Care packages for seniors? It was time. I found Grand Box online and approached the owners about a possible acquisition. It turned out the timing was good for all of us and 2 months later I was the proud owner of GrandBox.

I am dedicated to continuing to provide a valuable and personal box to each recipient at an affordable price. I want each box to have a bit of adventure, color and fun in it. This compliments the personal pictures and note enclosed in the box.

Most families do not live close together and GrandBox is the perfect solution to stay in touch, share a Smile and extend your relationships. Check it out at:

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