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How to Map out a Clear Vision for 2020

By Grandbox, Health and Love

a year ago

How to Map out a Clear Vision for 2020- Featured Shot

What having a clear Vision For 2020 should seem like

As we enter a New Year many of us reflect, assess and set goals for the coming year. My goal is to reflect on the 6 questions below and record my thoughts throughout 2020. Will it clear up my vision? There is no guarantee but I am certain it has the power to reframe my outlook. Will you join me? I wish you all the BEST in the journey to 2020!

What am I genuinely interested in?

How do I impact the people around me?

What was the last thing that made me laugh?

When was the last time I told my family I loved them?

Do my friends know how much I appreciate them?

What one thing can I do today to make it better than yesterday? (DO IT!!)

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